Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mongolian Yurt & Mongolian Greetings | Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China

Mongolia is one of my bucket list to visit and I'm very excited I could be here. Enjoying a day as Mongolian, live in a Mongolia Yurt and have dinner as Mongolia caesar do. I'm in love with Mongolia.

So when we arrived, they greet us with the Mongolian tradition, scarf & Mongolian wine for us as below picture. How to drink the wine as Mongolia :

  1. Use your ring finger dye onto the wine and flick to the sky, symbol for thanks to the Lord
  2. Same with step 1 but flick to the land, symbol for thanks to the land
  3. Last, use your ring finger  and dye onto the wine and flick to your forehead, it's a respect to yourself

This is the wine

A little story about this tradition basically for step 1 is to prove that the wine is non-toxic wine. Basically Mongolian wear silver ring in their ring finger and when the finger dye onto the wine and going to flick to the sky, the wine will goes to the ring and if the wine is toxic wine, the silver ring will become black. This steps appears after Genghis Khan father dead when drink the toxic drink.

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Then we drive into the Praire Resort of Ordos, here is the Mongolian Yurt hotel which is a resort that simulate yurt live and habit inside. Also you can choose to live in the real yurt.

Full parking
And walk to the yurt hotel area
The grassland
Where we stay in the yurt

Woahhh I'm so great for this yurt hotel

View from window

I'm in love with this place
The yurt is so amazing but so sad we can't go inside
Even they prepare AC in the room but the weather is getting cold after evening. You can arrive earlier here and enjoy the grassland also horse riding and little train in the grassland, and in the night we have special dinner as we'll wear Mongolian traditional clothes and continue with bonfire party.

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I'm very enjoy to stay here !