Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Yanchi County 鹽池縣 | Ningxia 寧夏, China

Moving from Ordos now we goes to Yanchi County鹽池縣, a county under Ningxia寧夏 of China. It takes around  5 hours by road. Read : Ordos City | Inner Mongolia, China

It's quiet long journey but it just a beginning. You need to prepare yourself when visiting North China as we will move from city to city everyday and have a long journey everytime. Rest area are available but don't expect too much. If you know the toilet in China separate by 2 kind : a normal one with water and door & a traditional one that don't have door and water. 

定邊服務區 Dingbian Service Area
Basically we rest in the rest area that have normal toilet but for urgent case you may prepare yourself if you can't find the normal toilet. 

Local share about the experience as we drive through the tolls. Before tolls available they have trip with normal road and there is no rest area cross by, so the bus stop in the middle of the road, boys in left and girls in right and that is the toilet :) So, lucky me now I can drive through tolls. Thanks a lot. 

Container car everywhere

Yanchi Great Wall

In Yanchi you also can found Yanchi Great Wall. Great Wall build cross Yanchi and we can enjoy the other view of Great Wall besides Beijing one. 

Local who drive more than 3000 km for us :)


And the other Great Wall of Yanchi is here. We go there in the morning and weather is quiet cold outside. But we enjoy it. Half hour from our hotel Yanchi Hotel 鹽池賓館.

Also a great public park and so many elder local there, one is beside me :)

Visiting glass factory

Toilet for emergency, only hole and you can think what inside it :)
And have lunch before continue our way :)