Monday, June 18, 2018

Where to Shoot Chinese Old Movie 鎮北堡影城 & Visit Goji Berry Farm 枸杞田 | Ningxia 寧夏, China

I'm not sure about other people, but personally I like Chinese old drama, which is filming about the life in dynasty era and the history of China. So if you have the same hobby like me you'll be interest about this place.

Here is Zhenbeibao Studio 鎮北堡西部影城 where much of the famous film shoot. Located in Ningxia you can found it and feels like living in the dynasty era. It's such amazing.

There are Ming & Qing city which is separate by the dynasty style.

Qing city entrance 

Also there are museum inside the Qing City

Ming City entrance
Delicious youghurt

And next we go to Goji Berry farm 枸杞田 nearby, Goji Berry is one of the specialty in Ningxia. It famous in Chinese herbal ingredients for soup or tea. Many kinds of Goji Berry, some is orange, red, and black. The red one is very good for eyes, fresh one can be directly eat.