Greetings from here and thank you for visiting my personal blog. I'm an Indonesian who have been stay in Taiwan for 8 years and coming home with grateful heart to my hometown.

I do believe in fairytale, I do like meet something new. I do not like spontaneity before but many spontaneity happened in my life and day-by-day I learn to make friends with "spontaneity". My life is a grace gift from God, even my self can't believe that it was a reality that happened in my life. 

I can speak Chinese, Chao Zhou, and Bahasa too, I fall in love with Chinese character since the first time I learn Mandarin. Then feel lucky now when I can speak Mandarin fluently. 

But you can't take Indonesia away from my soul, I do love Indonesian culture and every single island in Indonesia, my big dream is to travel around Indonesia one day. 

I do like to write something I feel and also share my experience to people who need any suggestion, about traveling or any random topics, just like some strangers I met like to told me their story. People said : we're blessed to bless others.