Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tengger Dessert Jin Sha 騰格里沙漠 金沙島| Inner Mongolia, China

Tengger Dessert 騰格里沙漠 is an arid natural region that covers about 36.700 km2 and its mostly in Inner Mongolia, Region of China. It take 3.5 hours from Yanchi 鹽池. Read : Yanchi County 鹽池縣 | Ningxia 寧夏, China

Inside you can enjoy mostly flower garden and some dessert also golf course.

How lucky we are, that only us inside due we are the latest group before they close for 3 months to maintain the environment.

After arrive and bought entrance ticket you need to take this commuter bus into the dessert & flower park area. Us is the latest group before they close for 3 months to maintenance. 

That commuter bus
Goyang goyang karena diambil dari mobil depan hahaha
It should be a hotel inside the area but still not completely done
This is our first stop, there are garden with many flowers besides but I'm not a flower lover and interest more with this view. 

Our local guide with those flower 

And I choose to enjoy a breathtaking view of street and tree. 

Ceritanya gue nanya sama yang moto kok ga itung 1 2 3? Udah lu gaya aja. Eh ternyata udah di klik banyak hahahaha But I love the view, asri banget ya. 

And next we go the next stop which is a bigger garden one. On the way we also cross golf course, if you are a golf lover you can try it. 

That dessert in right and flower garden in left 

And we back to the main door with this car again
For me I think its suite for elder people to enjoy flower as many uncle & aunty enjoy to be here. Bring your parents here !