Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ordos City 鄂爾多斯 | Inner Mongolia 內蒙, China

Mongolia is one of my bucket list to explore as it has a great scenery and unique culture. And now I have chance to visit Inner Mongolia. I believe not all of you know what is the different between Mongolia and Inner Mongolia, so do I, hehehe, or I'm the only one? :(

Mongolia is a country that already independent from China and Inner Mongolia is an autonomous region of China. Both have same ethnic group and language. So, when you come to Inner Mongolia, the visa you need to prepare is China visa

Let's begin the adventure to explore Inner Mongolia 內蒙! 

Flight to Inner Mongolia is quiet rare, and this time we got charter flight to come here. From Jakarta to Batam takes 1.5 hours and continue to Hohhot Baita International Airport (HET) around 6.5 hours. Quiet long long long journey but it's worth it. 

Weather here is quiet dry and large temperature different between morning and night especially after raining the temperature become cooler. So the important things to prepare is hand & body cream, lip balm, and jacket. Also need to drink enough water to keep you healthy during your journey. 

You still can use Mandarin to communicate but also they have Mongolia Language besides. Beside Mongolian live here, also there are Chinese people that mutate to Inner Mongolia. The city is quiet clean and weather is very nice. Sunshine with cool wind is the best. 

Better to rent car with you for group trip since I don't think public transportation here can be useful for tourist and also you will move from one to another city. 

First stop we visit Genghis Khan Square in Ordos 鄂爾多斯, around 40 minutes from the airport. Genghis Khan 成吉思汗 is the founder and the first Great Khan of Mongolia Empire. His original name is Temujin 鐵木真, he is the oldest son from his Dad second wife. His Dad died when he was 9, his enemy tribe give him poison in the banquet when he come. In Mongolia tradition when people welcome you with banquet you need to eat/drink it as a form of respect and so his Dad died when drink it.

His Dad leave a message to Genghis Khan to revenge to his enemy and when Genghis Khan grow up he do what his Dad told him. Famous by his kindness and care of his people and he is the one that unite Mongolia from many tribe into one unity.

He change the rule in Mongolia : don't kill children and elder & respect to your leader. What is children? When the height same as train wheels.

Currently people more familiar with Kubilai Khan which is Gengis Khan grandson, for detail you can watch the Genghis Khan movie, personally I like the movie. It told a lot.

Until now there is no one know how Genghis Khan died and no one found his body. People guess there are 3 possibility :

  1. Struck by lightning : Mongolian very respect to God of thunder 
  2. Died while fighting and people hide his body in order to keep the concentrate of his army 
  3. Died after have night with Xi Xia 西夏 mistress. Every time Genghis Khan won the war, the city whose lost need to prepare a beautiful mistress to have night with him. Once upon a time Genghis Khan win the war with Xi Xia 西夏 and Xi Xia King 西夏皇帝 offer him the most beautiful mistress and the next day, Genghis Khan died. Our guide said : Think what can happened in 1 night till people died :)

As mention in the 3rd point he has many mistress to service him every time he won, until now based on the study, the most descent in the world is Genghis Khan descent. Maybe we also Genghis Khan descent :)

The square is quiet big and you can found huge Genghis Khan statue there also you can take a picture with Mongolian traditional clothing by local stand there. As I remember RMB 10 per people per photos.

Face without morning shower, direct from airport :)
RMB 20 for this one, he will directly print out for you under that blue umbrella :)

So here is Ordos, famous as ghost city. Wait, don't judge it. Before, Ordos is a prosper city, there are source of coal and they sell it so their have enough income and have world class construction but after that they face big problem, pollution. So they stop to dig the coal and there is no other jobs so people come back to big city and leave Ordos. Until now, there is only few apartment is lived. Living expenses in Ordos is quiet same with Beijing, therefore so many people choose to leave it.

Mongolia Language, Mandarin, and English
Bus station I think, but I didn't see any bus coming

Wind is very windy and it doesn't hot anymore, but UV is exist

蒙 for Mongolia

Our first lunch in Mongolia
Common things you'll found on Mongolian dishes : sheep meat, everything carbo food such as pancake, mantou 饅頭, other cake. 

Here is from Ordos and we continue to other territory!