Sunday, June 24, 2018

How Mongolian Lord & Princess Having Party - Zha Ma Yan 詐馬宴 | Inner Mongolia, China

So, continue from the post before about the Mongolian Greetings & Yurt, we continue about the dinner we have as Mongolian king will have in past. Before the dinner, we still have time to enjoy the grassland, and the view around is so amazing.

First thing we do is to take that little train goes around the grassland. Hoahhhh so amazing so satisfied.

Iya, itu sendal hotel wahahah

And we change to Mongolia costumed and getting ready for the dinner called Zhamayan 詐馬宴. Before dinner start we have chance to take photos in the grassland and it's already 7 in the evening but the sky still very bright.

So this is the lamb that would be our dinner

How cute this little boy 

Our dinner at the yellow yurt

Yes, it's the lamb that we see on the oven :)
Us trying to open the lamb as the symbol
So they will dance non-stop with different kind of Mongolian dance for us, okay, now I understand how King is treat before. But wearing this tall hat and costume for dinner is kinda heavy, luckily we are not born in that era hahahaha

They use this chopstick for dance
The appetizer
Let's eat !

So after the dinner is finish, we continue to the bonfire party. I can't take good photo to share, its so dark but believe me you will enjoy it. Due the video are not available to share in blog, I only can share in instastory highlight :) 

Then back to the yurt and have a sweet dream. Can't believe I sleep in the yurt :) 

Our yurt in the night 
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