Saturday, June 16, 2018

About Yellow River 黃河 & China Hui Culture 回族文化 | Ningxia 寧夏, China

Our schedule for today is strolling around Ningxia and visit Shapotou Yellow River Glass Skywalk 沙坡頭黃河3D橋, Yellow River Tower 黃河樓, China Hui Culture Park 回族文化園 and Wuzhong Hui New Village回族新村.

Shapotou 沙坡頭

Start from Shapotou, actually we're here to walk down the skywalk that transparent in some block, if you are afraid for the glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie than you can try this one first. 

This is the yellow river
And we are going to that skywalk
They will provide to you the shoes cover before enter the skywalk area

Yellow River Tower 黃河樓

This tower is use to monitor the condition of Yellow River. 

Wuzhong Hui New Village 回族新村

So the village is develop by government for Moslem Hui family in Ningxia. And the door is given by the government so they have the same door and also we can have dinner inside, actually a very early dinner. 

You'll found this in entrance area as the symbol of the bowl we use for drink Ba Bao Cha. A very cute bowl, I also bring one home.
This is Ba Bao Cha the traditional tea in local 
So the Ba Bao Cha 八寶茶 is a herbal tea with 8 different herbal combination. How to drink is to add boiled water into the bowl with that herbal, but personally I much like to cook it and add on some sugar. You also can bought the herbal as gifts and cook in your home. 

Of course not only this but I'm to excited and forget to take a picture for fully dishes

The door
Our local guide

China Hui Culture Park 回族文化園

So before you goes to Taj Mahal, you can take a picture here first, hahahaha