Sunday, April 15, 2018

How to be a Morning Person

I know it quiet hard for some people to wake up in the early morning and start their activities, even normally young people feel more energy and enthusiast in night and being a night owl. But for me, I love to wake up in the early morning and see the sun light come through the window and showered my bed. I love the warm and the feel.

And when there are many people ask me how can I being a morning person, I think to write it on. So, here is my days in life.

In weekday I work in a company that start the working hours from 7 in the morning to 4 in the evening. So I need to wake up before 6 to take a bath and prepare before going to work. This is my weekday morning situation.

I'm very thankful for this working hours so I can come home before sunset normally and doing my own business, blogging, watching film, or everything I like and sleep at 9 or latest 10. Why? I love to wake up when I feel very energetic after 7-8 hours of sleep. So I won't hang out in weekday night? Mostly no, or if there is some activity I need to attend I will control it before 10 and coming home to sleep but it won't happen every weekday and just a special case.

And if I getting tired, normally I sleep during break in office, our office adopted Taiwan working habit that lunch break is 30 minutes and rest break is 30 minutes. It quite useful to charge your energy.

Why need to sleep before midnight? Because our organ work hard at from 10 - 5 when we sleep, you can google when organ works at google to get the complete one. And also every hour you sleep before midnight is equivalent to sleeping after midnight.

Once a week I do have one day that I sleep over midnight, usually Friday. Cause the next day is holiday.

How about the weekend?

I feel more productive in weekend basically. Usually I woke up at 6.30 or 7 in the morning without alarm, just woke up by sunlight. Maybe it's because the habit to wake up in the morning so my body will wake up even I didn't set any alarm. Then I go to fresh market to buy some breakfast or grocery for lunch.

The shade that woke me up in weekend
What I do in weekend usually are running my own business, blogging, cooking, join volunteer activity, hang out with friends, attend training or class, freelance-ing some job or traveling to nearby downtown. Recently I want to add swimming as my things to do in weekend, as I think I haven't any sport but it's necessary for your body.

As currently I live in Jakarta city that most of people is going to mall for their entertain, I don't think I come up with same things. For me mall is same and I can't find any interesting activity I can do in mall except shopping and movie.

So I would like to find activities I like.

Through volunteer you can find another way to be thankful, through freelance job you can find another relation and new learning, through training you rich your self with different things, through cook you can learn how to eat healthy.

Tips for you if you are going to be a morning person :

  1. Sleep earlier. When you sleep earlier, you will woke up earlier and its the chain. 
  2. Have breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal for our energy. 
  3. Do something you love in the morning to motivate you to woke up 
  4. Stay away from gadget when you are sleeping
And people will ask : Your friend is going to club in midnight and you are in the bed already, fool you. 

I will said, I have my own life that I want to life no need to compare with other, even they did not compare what you already achieve from your morning with their dream in the morning

You will feel productive when you are doing things that can make you get something. I feel productive when in the night before bed I think about what I already done today, job, blogging, cooking, ...

What is the benefit from being morning person?

You have lot of me time whole day to do what you love.