Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to develop character & personality with traveling ?

As people said, if you are going to see somebody original character, travel with them. Traveling make you see through 1 person when they are happy, sad, angry, disappointed, also when we need to reach consensus together.

There are many kind of traveling. Traveling is not tourist-ing. What is the difference?

For me traveling is exploring, we learn to stay alive in unfamiliar place by our own effort. But tourist-ing is we came to a place while professional one already arrange all the itinerary for us, so we just enjoy and no need to have much plan or effort.

I had work in tourism industry before but I do love traveling more and more than being tourist.

What kind of traveling that we can choose?

First, decide your travel mate, whether you will travel as solo traveler or a group trip?

I do have my poll in InstaStory and 23% choose solo trip while 77% choose group trip for their favorite.

The difference between is solo trip is all about you, you learn to understand yourself more deeply, you learn how to stay alive in foreign land, deal with yourself and the most important is to interact with foreigner. Thats all you can learn & experienced.

While group trip have many kind of accompanied, family, couple of friend, or open trip/tour.

Solo Trip

My first ever solo trip is in Jan 2015 in Singapore. I fly from Taiwan to Singapore and have 4 days there to explore the land also explore my self. 

How can I choose to have solo trip?
Well, I want to challenge my self to have good communication when living in foreign land or place between foreign people. How to interact with foreign, and also to have more experience by what I see. 

What can I learn from solo trip?
As I themed it a solo trip to learn something with foreign in foreign land, I choose to stay in capsule hotel, which can make you to have more interact with other solo traveller also foreigner. 

I learn to deal with condition where you must be brave to interact with other foreign, to have share cost or asking info,  and or meet other traveller to exchange information and travel plan. I met a lot of people, local & foreign. We share our experience also our plan. When we arrived in one place we help each other to take photo or read the map together. Goes to museum and learn about other culture, having fun and develop sense of art by taking picture and learn the rule of local being. 

Tips for beginner solo traveler :
Take your first step and the other just easy to follow. If you want to do, do it to the max. 
  • Start with the city that easy to have transportation in local & where you can understand their language or English language
  • Don't stay at hotel that you can have isolation chance, but stay at place where you need to do everything with interact (*read my experience to stay in capsule hotel The Pod, Singapore
  • Plan your trip well, use public transport & explore more, not only the famous point but also local recommended

Group Trip

What is the main point of group trip?
Group trip may be family trip, trip with friend, or join open trip. The main point is the travel mate, that you will be moving together with this mates, so if they match you in travel sense it should be a pleasant trip but if not, the worst one is going to come. 

What can I learn from being part of group trip?
As you moving together in 1 group that include many people, it is a challenge to learn how to deal with many voices, how to support each other, give in each other. To deal within 2 people is easy, but after 3, 4, 5, and many voices there should be a big challenge. 

Also you need to keep your mood in good condition to enjoy the trip. 

Tips for group trip :
  • 4-6 people a group is the most suitable for car rental & hotel room also sharing cost for food, more than 6 people is hard to get same understanding
  • If the group is big group, make the commitee to plan the trip, you can learn as the planner of this trip or book a tour if you getting hard to handle elder & child
  • No need to enforce your wish when it was a big group trip, majority should be follow
  • Tell your mate what is the theme of this trip, is it relaxing one, hectic one, or what so they will have imaginery on what is going on, slow down their voices then as they already know what this group going to do