Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Lodge Maribaya, Bandung | Indonesia

As it's suddenly became famous, I try my luck to visit The Lodge that located in Maribaya, Bandung. Let's verify that it's as beautiful as people said.

It was long holiday when I go there. The traffic is suck in Bandung, use google map and drive as google told. The streets are broken and uphill. So make sure your car is ready to go through the way. 

As the traffic is freaking crazy on the way to entrance, so along way better to park your car on locals. It cost IDR 30K and they will raise your wiper as you paid. 

Left : Local parking area looks like. Mendung2 gitu.
Right : Local toilet along way, and show your voluntary contribution to the can there
Also you can found street food along the way to entrance : Kue rangi
Left : Ticket counter (*I definetely forget how much, should be around IDR 20K I guess
Right : Entrance door

Dan ternyata di dalam so much people OMGGG
The famous sky tree behind the scene, we just walk through
The Pines cafe, maybe I should come on weekday and enjoy the peaceful of this from The Pines
Place to eat traditional food
Cozy view
Before leave change your ticket w/ free drinks

It was such quick walkthrough in The Lodge since so crowded inside, but for sure I can imagine it's a good place to relax in weekday.