Sunday, September 24, 2017

4 hours back to nature, Bogor | Indonesia

It was Friday and I have day off. What a pleasure ! 

For sure I want to have some relaxing free-day. For me relaxing day is when I can enjoy peaceful things as well as I can calming my mind. 

Start from Rawa Buaya Station, I take commuter line to Duri Station for transit and take Bogor destination commuter line. It takes around 1 hours 40 minutes from Duri to Bogor. Since it was weekday, the train to Bogor is not crowded as usual. 

Indonesia commuter line nowadays, will give you surprise of the cleanliness & comfort.
How to take commuter line?
Make sure you know the route from your nearest station to the destination. Find the train schedule on KRL website or click here. Use your e-toll card or you can buy the 1 time ticket in the station and deposit IDR 13k for the 1 time card. I use the Mandiri e-toll card, for first time activation just tap on the station in activation card area and you can use it as your train ticket so on. FYI, first and last 

How is the comfortable rate for commuter line?
It's quite comfortable with AC and cleaning service inside train. Also its prohibited to eat & drink inside. Not only cleaning service, you can find patrolman also. For ladies, kindly recommended to take first and last train car which dedicated only for ladies. 

How much is the ticket price?
For 1-25 km is IDR 3K, and IDR 1K for each next 10K applies multiply. So I only need to paid IDR7K for this trip to Bogor. Quiet cheap right?

I arrived around 10 in Bogor Station and getting hungry. Lets start to explore ! 

I take taxi online as my transport media in Bogor. I use Grab and surprisingly the driver come fast and not far from my point. And I use the voucher code, so this day in Bogor I didn't pay any charges for my transport except the train ticket. Yeay! What a pleasant journey !

Culinary list to try when in Bogor : 

Surya Kencana area is a place where you can find everything about food and have ancient view. And here is the list that I tried.

1. Soto Mie Agih 

Its very famous that so much people recommended this, and I'm going to try. It have many store in Bogor, I try the one in Jalan Surya Kencana No. 311. Grab rate is IDR 18K and take around 15 min from station. 

Surya Kencana street full of food. Can you spot the Soto Mie Agih store?
Right one is Soto Mie Agih bakut & babat IDR 39K
Lo Mie IDR 39K, Es Cincau Ijo IDR 8K
Overall the taste is like Chinese soup light pork taste. If you don't like Chinese soup taste than you might don't like it. But if you are a meat lovers then you'll love it. 

2. Ngo Hiang khas Bogor

Right one is Ngo Hiang ala carte pork & chicken IDR 33K

Neighborood w/ Soto Mie Agih you can easily found this Ngo Hiang store. It was my first time to try this, you can choose both chicken or pork. Same if you are a meat lovers than you'll love this.

3. Bir Kotjok khas Bogor

It's not a alcohol beer, but traditional drink made with ginger and others spices. It taste very fresh and I already miss it. Ahhhh so gewddddd
IDR 5K per bag, its taste very traditional and fresh 

Place to freshen mind in Bogor : 

Bogor Botanical Garden, as it famous for the Istana Presiden and the Rafflesia. For me the attract point of this garden is the way I can walk closely to the nature in huge garden and listen to bird sing, feel the sunlight, and keep my mind calm. Walking over there to refresh our mind before going back to the busy office life.

Entrance fee for local is IDR 15K and IDR 25K for foreigner. Car & motorcycle are allowed to enter but I think to walking over the garden is much better where you can breath the fresh oxygen.

It was my second time to been here and still feel excited to breath the fresh air.

Botanical shop inside the garden

Things to bring home :

Famous as Bogor icon, macaroni panggang is a must try. Place around 15 minutes from Station and it was a great place to chill in. Definitely will come back to chill in. 

4 hours in Bogor is definitely giving something fresh for my mind. Till next time Bogor !