Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cross to Borneo w/ Citilink | Indonesia

As domestic flight, honestly I don't really familiar with this airline call Citilink. So let me try and have testimonial with this airline.

I take flight from Jakarta to Pontianak on morning around 10.

We enter on board on time. Seat arrangement is 3-3. Firstly I get seat in window and full people on our line, but before flight, the stewardess asking volunteer to move to emergency door. And I raise my hand.

On board situation & view from window

So I move into the emergency door, both of us sit in and feel spacious since we sit 3 seat space.

The crew will teach you how to open the emergency door in emergency situation and also you can read the introduction in front of you.

Children, elder, and pregnant woman prohibited to sit in emergency door.

Such a spacious place
Citilink's view
There is no on-board meal but complimentary meal available. And I just eat my own snack & enjoy the view. I never bored to have kinda view.

Yes, yes, yes thats Borneo. Always love the island view from plane window. 

Touchdown Adi Sucipto

Overall Citilink has a comfortable flight and provide on-time schedule. So it may be your candidates to choose domestic flight in Indonesia.