Monday, July 10, 2017

How to cross Indonesia Malaysia border with walking

It was my first experience to travel cross country by land. Start from Ambawang, that located around 40 mins from Pontianak City, I take bus w/ destination Kuching, Malaysia. Also you can drive by yourself, but I prefer to enjoy my trip by not driving.

If you want to take bus to Kuching from Pontianak, all bus depart from Ambawang Cross Country Bus Terminal, and all depart together at 9 in the night.

Biaramas, the bus I take.
An artistic wall decor at Ambawang Station, unfortunately the maintenance very poor.
There are some choices of bus but all of them will depart together at 9 in the night. Mine is Biaramas, ticket is IDR400K/ 2person. Price is depend on the ticket qty you bought.


Inside view. The bus is quiet new and comfortable.
No toilet & charging station, better prepare your blanket & power bank.
At 9 the bus depart and people start to sleep as its already 9.15.

Tips to purchase the ticket :
• Purchase before the d-day and choose your seat
• Arrive at least 30 minutes before depart, take your ticket to the counter along with your passport

I arrived Entikong, which the border between Indonesia & Malaysia around 2 early morning and waiting the immigration open at 6 in Malaysia time, so I need to wait 3 hours long.

That blue line is me, and we walk through the border. Such an incredible experience then.
People sea people mountain. All passenger here waiting immigration gate open at 2 in early morning.
Feels like evacuee that want to enter other country hahahaha

Then the gate is open and people run to the immigration building. Here you will get 2 stamp, depart from Indonesia, and arrive in Malaysia.

Indonesia immigration counter looks like.
And within walks arrived at Malaysia arrival immigration counter
The bus will drive through this counter and waiting passenger ahead.

A local selling some food for breakfast. Don't forget to use RM, its already Malaysia yaaa

Acceptable price. I bough 3 cakwe for RM 1

Take your time to enjoy the morning fresh air, but remember driver is waiting for you and if you coming late, be careful he will leave you.

Overall, I enjoy my land trip, a wonderful experience to cross within country by land. Waiting for the next road trip.