Friday, January 10, 2014

Since we born as a little girl.

I believe every girl in this world love their "girl thing" during their live, included my Mom hahahha, well since I was born as a daddy little girl, I learn how a girl behave with their things beside. And these are my favorite things across the year. Do we have any same things?

1. Black Nail Polish by Skin Food
I think this is one must have item for every girl, and coz I'm a b&w addict, I always keep it beside me when I need it.
 2. OPI San Francisco series
This was my first OPI collection and it's a gift from a gorgeous girl. Thank you for make me fall in love with this collection. Woof you!!! :)

3. Red nail polish, Am I look like I am a red-nail addict???
I got the Revlon one from someone as she wish me luck for my final test. After I use both : Revlon's color more dramatic, OPI's a little bit red-orange. 
 3. Hemp Hand Protector by The Body Shop
I got this a few week ago. But I think it's too sticky for me.
 4. Vaseline - Aloe Fresh
Well, I'm back to vaseline since the weather got cold and I don't want to be a little snow white every morning with dry skin, hahhahaha.......
 5. Naked 2
Ohhhmyyyyyy this is the most adorable things in last 2013, I got this palette finally. Such a beautiful great colour inside.

Yapppp, it's all about mine, how about yours? Leave comment down below tell me what's your favorite girls things in the end of 2013 or in the beginning of 2014. Let's share yours! I glad too read every comment, see you in next post.