Thursday, January 9, 2014

Two thousand and fourteen

Alloohhaaaaa!!!!! Well I know it has been a long time since I post my last and now I just arrange new things in my blog, hope you guys like it. <3 
I'm sorry that I was so busy with my activity and have no time to blog but I promise you I will share my daily things as soon as I can, hihihihi I miss this blog. =)

Anyway, I wanna say Happy new year for you all, hope you have a great year.
And now I want to share a little bit about my new year, as usual when I end and start a new year I'll write a letter for God, I wish He can read my letter and talk to me. (*winkwink

Dear my only and the only God,
Thank you for always be side me in whole 2013, thank you for always lead my way and hold my hand to the right way.
Thank you for gave me too many surprise thing in this year, too many beautiful and amazing things that I never imagine. You always know what is the best for me. You gave me chance to taste what I dreamt when I was kid. 
 I still walking on the way that You’ve prepared before I come to the earth. I know You are the best, You are the one that always be there for me. 
 Thank you for this year You bring me back to Jakarta, to go home and play with Russel, to be there in the middle of my family. 
 Thank you that You always give me a new breath every morning, health every day, and thank you for blessed my family. 
 Thank you that You lead me in my school journey, You gave me chance to be a double degree student, You gave me chance to taste how designer working. 
 Thank you that You gave me too many chance to work with amazing people, met great people, and got many amazing gift. 
 Thank you for every people you bring to my life, I know they come for a reason, and I’m pretty sure the reason is You want I could be a better person. 
 Thank you for being my tour-guide wherever I go, and lead me to many new place I never go. 
 Thank you for always blessed me in everything I do.
Well this is a little chapter of my thank letter, I wanna know what you write there too, could you share with me? I'm glad to know what He has made in your great life :)

The first day in 2014 I went to a riverside park, chilling there with some people, feeling the sunset and the fresh air, and come back to the reality. So sad that there is no holiday here between new year, huhuhu.....

I love the feel when I can feel the air and the nature world was sharing their hapiness with me. =D

" The earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. "