Saturday, December 30, 2017

Hotel Naratas, Puncak | Cisarua, Indonesia

Born as a nature addict, I'm going to leave this busy city, Jakarta for long-weekend. I plan to get public transportation so I can take a rest and relax much while on the way and no need to worry about traffic and car.

Start from Jakarta, I get Commuter Line to Bogor Station, and continue with online transportation then.

Not as prepared as usual, I still don't have any place to stay in Puncak. Some of the hotel I'm interested in are full booked.

I want a place that not far away from Bogor highway so I will not stuck in Puncak Raya road too long when it was traffic or in control. Also near Cisarua cause I'm going to visit my parents friend  there. Well, let's explore the internet more. :)

Must know : Puncak Raya road is in 1 way control when weekend or long weekend or holiday. So it should be only 1 way to Puncak in the morning and 1 way to Jakarta from Puncak in the noon. Make sure you didn't miss it or you will be stuck in the road.

Arrived in Bogor Station around 9 in the morning, I book a hotel via The most last minute book I ever reserved.

Get discount for booking via agoda app

Welcome to Naratas Hotel. I order a twin room for 2 nights for IDR 513K and get discount code become IDR 491K. Quiet cheap place to stay then and nothing I expect for this price.

I get the room in downstairs so it's the stairs look like from lobby
Arrived in Naratas, they said they only have double room and let me see it. I really don't like the room in the corner and so smelly. Actually 4 people will stay in this room and if only a double bed there I will get extra bed.

A little disappointed about the room condition. When I say I want to get extra bed which will be charge IDR 100K/night surprisingly they said they have another room for us. And the new room is quiet big enough and not smelly. Yeay! God's grace then.

Breakfast are available but I lost the photo. They provide, fried rice, fried noodle, hot tea, and syrup in the morning.

Personally I feel like sleep in toilet with that ceramics wall :P 
TV, table, thermos, glass are available. Simple toilet with hot water and towel.

No water kettle here, but there is thermos and you can refill hot water in receptionist area. Better to bring your own towel & toiletries. Also hair dryer as there is not available here.

Puncak weather is quiet cold so basically there is no AC here and prepare your jacket for sure.

Corridor looks like
The other way to exit besides the red stairs

Plus :

1. Strategic location
2. Cheap price with breakfast
3. Good weather circulate with semi outdoor corridor

Minus :

1. Bedsheet smelly
2. Old furniture
3. Wifi in public area only (lobby)