Friday, June 30, 2017

The Connector, Pak Kasih Bridge, West Kalimantan | Indonesia

Famous as Jembatan Pak Kasih, with long up to 1.440m became the longest bridge in Kalimantan & second in Indonesia that connect West Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. It connect Tayan City, Tayan Island, and Piasak Village.

By drive around 2.5 hours from Pontianak we can rich this spot. For people who usually breath the pollution air in the city like me, I very enjoy all the way that provide fresh oxygen and the peaceful atmosphere also villagers house as well. 

A very breathtaking view right? Just trees, road, sky, and bird singing. 
Be careful when drive along mountain road, wild animals may appear suddenly. The guy accidentally hit the wild animal and fall down till we cross and help him to stand up. 
Also there are few local store to warm up your body. But be careful to ask the price first. 

Many of the villagers very enthusiast of this construction than easy them to access the city and rise up the livelihood of the village. Before they need to take boat to cross the Kapuas River, but now for free they can cross to the city. 

Since announce officially by Jokowi, lot of visitor come and it became viral. 

They just amazed with the scenery of Kapuas River from the bridge and villager feels how convenience now the access for them also for visitor who want to have road trip around Kalimantan. 

A very windy morning
Ahhh I proud of the construction that help villagers also connect each island as well
Tips :
• Depart as morning as 6 from Pontianak is better, that arrived before getting hot. 
• Bring as much as beverages and water as the price is higher in local and hard to find some snack w/ regular price.