Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bandung with Argo Parahyangan

Usually we go to Bandung by car, but this time I have chance to take train from Gambir Station, Jakarta. 

Ticket can be order via Indomaret, and will have booking code as below. Be notice you need to come earlier 1 hour at least before departure time to change the booking code to boarding pass a.k.a ticket in the counter. Ticket price is IDR 125K for executive. (* executive means it's only stop in main station not each pass by station to save time)
left : Indomaret receipt w/ booking code, right : boarding pass
Inside Gambir Station there are so many store and restaurant. Due this trip will take you around 3 hours, better to prepare food first. Mine is HokBen. 

Also there is crew selling some food inside. Such as hot tea IDR 7K, hot chocolate IDR 10K, chips, and meal (around IDR 30K)
2-2 seat w/ TV and luggage cabin upside, comfortable seat that you can set your way
Electricity socket to charge your phone in every seat
The view from window

After 3 hours finally you can touch down Bandung Station. And it's heavy rain when we arrived. 

As experienced, online transportation still not very acceptable by local taxi here to take order. And when local taxi driver come to you to push you to take their taxi with nego price, here you need to know. Walk to left side of the station when you can find Blue Bird and it's official crew. Blue bird use the meter price that more safe & save for us compare with nego price. 

The crew and taxi here
Plus point to take train to Bandung is we can avoid the traffic, minus point is the price are higher and you need to have transport in Bandung or use public transport.