Saturday, April 2, 2016

4 Places to Visit in Yang Ming Mountain

Some people who know me usually said that I was a kid with old soul. Yes, I am. Maybe it happened with some 90's kids also, that we born in Doraemon era, but grow up in technology era. But for the truth, I prefer to live 90's life that being happy with nature and everything simple without socmed addiction.

I'm a people that like to place my self under blue sky, behind green mountain, looking blue sea, and being friend with sunlight and life without smart phone. 

So, once there is holiday I would be happy if I could go outside. This time I goes to Yang Ming Mountain National Park with my friend. 

It was a national holiday here in Taiwan. We met up at MRT Jian Tan and took a bus to Yang Ming Mountain. I don't really remember which exit, (exit 2 maybe), but you could found many people with trekking equipment waiting for the bus. 

In the spring there is a lot of public bus that you'll found and also 1-2 people that wearing working vest should be happy to help you. Simply ask them which bus was going to Yang Ming Mountain. 

Lucky us that day the traffic to Yang Ming Mountain was so good, no traffic jam, and after around 30 minutes, we are safely arrived at Yang Ming Mountain 2nd Park Lot. 

From Yang Ming Mountain 2nd Park Lot we take local buses to go to one and another point. So, if you want to go to one point on the National Park, you need to take bus from MRT Jian Tan -> Yang Ming Mountain 2nd Park Lot / Main Park Lot (according to the bus you take from MRT, you could ask the driver) -> take local bus to go to the point. 

Don't forget to add value to your Easy Card, since you'll take buses many times from one point to another.

And here is places you should visit at Yang Ming Mountain :

1. 花鐘 (Hua Zhong)
Place where people come to take a picture of Sakura blossom. But this time the Sakura haven't bloom :( People said maybe it  because the giant gale that attack Taiwan some time ago.


2. 竹子湖 (Zhu Zi Hu) - 苗榜 Miau-Bang Garden,
Famous with its local restaurant that offer delicious local dishes. I personally recommend 苗榜 Miau-Bang Garden, been here about 2y ago and being addict with their Sweet Potato Ginger Soup.

What we ate, and a plate of fried mushroom that have no photo.
All of these cost about NT$ 400,-
You just need to found a large 海芋園 Calla Lily Garden and find the way to enter that garden, that was. In the entrance you need to pay NT$150 per person to enter and use it when you pay your dishes. So if you need to pay NT$200 and give them your coupon, you only need to pay NT$50.

And we found local herbs store on the way. I don't remember what the shop name was but when you enter and like their facebook fanpage you'll f get two ceramic cup for free.

The free ceramic cup
3. 驚天崗 ( Jing Tian Gang)
So cold here, where the crater of the mount was. In here you could found sulphur in many where. But be sure you've prepare your jacket to keep you warm. 

And I feel so freeze that I do not take any picture about the environment here except this shoot *cheers 
4. Yannick 
Yannick famous with its cheese cake that you can found in many where at Taipei. But they have the theme store that located in Yang Ming Mountain, near Chinese Culture University. So you must take the bus like you wanna go back to the MRT and stop at Chinese Culture University. Walk about 5 minutes and you'll found sweet architecture with huge people there. So crowded here and I only took some picture here. 

Black dark chocolate cupcake (left) & I forgot what the right one was.
It taste so chocolate.
The cozy dine in area
And it also have outdoor area
And it's the end of our trip and sorry for the weird light of the photos that the weather are not stable that day. But we do have fun.