Sunday, January 10, 2016

10 things in 2015

1. In January 2015 for the first time I travel as a solo traveler, stay at backpacker capsule hotel, share with stranger for 4 days and it was an awesome experience for me. I learn many things from stranger and also they made my dream bigger and bigger.

2. This year I've finished my minor degree credit, yes, all of the credit. Feel so happy. There is no more night class again, yeay!

3. Coming home twice this year, in winter and summer holiday and try to cook for my family. :)

4. Goes to Thailand, enjoy new things, and met some of high school friends, yes, they are Thai.

5. July 2015, fly 6 times with Tiger air, twice with Scoot and once with Air Asia and Lion. Need review about budget airplane? Ask me. LOL. Mom said when I was child I like to take "becak" (three wheel bicycle in Indonesia), but I found now my becak was the airplane. I like the feel when I could look those clouds from the airplane window. Peaceful.

6. The last of that 6 flights I spend my night at Changi and found in my mind that Changi already became my second home. HAHA.

7. I lost my wallet and in the next day someone who found my wallet call my school and I got it back without something lost. Lucky me!

8. I got an internship chance after 350 CVs sent out. It's an amazing experience for me, how He made it real, how He work in my life. Will share it on the blog soon.

9. I got rank 2 prize from school. As an overseas in  the middle of local student, for me, it's not a common things. First in my college life. ( Really, He work in my life. )

10. Finally my iphone 4s take a rest after 5 years, thanks dude! Wish the 6s one will do the job like you. Please!

2015 you're awesome!